Local Rockhampton Company Shows bad Manners in Recruitment

There is a local Rockhampton Computer Repair Business that has had a position advertised for a month, 1 Jobseeker has actually contacted the company twice themselves (Once in person in there shop, one via email application letter and resume) and a third time through a recruitment company.  It has been aboiut 3 weeks since this jobseeker took the time to attend the business’ premise to discuss and as yet no reply from the employer.  Previously the Job seeker has spoken the employer about a previous position which he was unsuccessful in his application.  No bad words had been spoken between the business and job seeker and yet the jobseeker has not even received an email to state he has been unsuccessful.  Whilst this company may have received many applications for this position, knowing how motivated this job seeker was to get a job, couldn’t the business have taken 30 seconds out of there day to give teh job seeker a phone call, or at least write an email to the job seeker.


Given this lack of courtesy from this business for a job seeker, this makes you wonder how they have such good reviews from customer.  I can no longer recommend this business to people!


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Work for the Dole – Driving Activities not approved activities

again another post on my blog to make sure details are remembered accurately, unfortunately not a happy one either.

Thursday 14th July – Had been receiving a message when i logged into Jobsearch (Jobsearch.gov.au)  since 30/06 regarding a requirement to attend Work For the Dole activiy as of 29/07/2016, please contact you provider, Having had no contact from my provider I went into the office and asked about it, Spoke To Jane (Not real name) and she told me to wait on them, they would send me a letter about it soon.  Then I asked about the length of time since i had any contact with them (As per previous blog post), Jane’s reply was ” Yes. I Saw that, Have you been hiding?”

Thursday 4 August 2016 – Attended Jobactive provider for scheduled appointment for sign up of Work for the Dole phase of Newstart, I Informed the Work For the Dole coordinator (James, Not real name) that i was already doing volunteer work at PCYC.  James told me to go and see Jane or Jill (again not real names) and let them know and they would update my job plan and arrange the OHS assessment. Spoke to Jill and she gave me a form to take to PCYC for them to fill out and then said.Driving activities would NOT be approved.This meant my PCYC volunteer work would not be approved as I volunteer as a driver mentor  I then had to sign up for Work for the Dole at one of there pre-approved activies (all of which sounded to be outdoors yard work). I choose to sign up to one of these actrivities,

Tuesday 10 August 2016 – First day at Work for the Dole activity – When i arrived at site from the provided bus, I received a phone call from a company wanting me to do paid work that afternoon, so i left site immediately and returned home to prepare and then performed that work as required.

Friday 12 August 2016 – My Actual first day at Work for the Dole activity, my first task this day required me and the rest of the group to hope into vehicles and go to another site to pick up 276 chairs to taken back to the site i signed up for.  Then at lunch speaking with the site Work for the Dole supervisor, the supervisor could not believe that they would not approve the PCYC as a Work for the Dole activity.  And after lunch the activity was racking up leaves, putting them in the tray of a ute and driving them to a rubbish pile.

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Jobactive Provider fails in their obligations and then suspends job seeker’s centrelink payment

I rarely if every post to social media or blog sites, but this follow i think needs to be said

At 4:56 pm I received the following text from my jobactive provider:

Hi {Name removed}. Pls call us ASAP on {Phone number removed} as you have missed an appt and your centrelink payment has been suspended under the law. {your jobactive Provider}

obviously any identifying words have been removed from the message. now i had been sitting by my phone for 4 hours waiting for the phone call as the appointment was a phone appointment with the consultant calling me.  so I rang my provider and asked what was going on.

the first person I talked to on the phone said that my consultant no longer worked for them and someone else would make a new appointment for me, then i asked her about the text message.  She went and asked someone else about it, then he came on the phone and said I would have to go over before my next reporting date which was the 9th. (today is . Friday the 6th so only the next business day I have to report).  I mentioned this to him and that there was no missed calls or messages left.  he then went and spoke to someone else, then the office manager came on told me he had fixed it for me. I asked the office manager how it occurred that they had made an attempted phone contact with me when I had no missed calls or left messages.  The office manager told me that he checked the notes on my files that said there had been an attempted phone contact at 1:00pm and then checked the phone logs and no call was found in the phone logs.

Whilst I Appreciate the quick fix up by the jobactive provider this really should not have happened in the first place, furthermore this IS NOT the first time that this job provider has a been suppose to call me for a scheduled contact and has not called, this is just the first time I have managed to get an admission from the provider that they have done wrong.  I will be waiting now till Monday to see if I have any problems reporting to centrelink.

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Rockhampton and Capricorn Job Market

Being unemployed is no fun at all, I hear 2 different things from different people:

  1. There are thousands of Jobs in Rockhampton
  2. Jobs are hard to come by in Rockhampton

So with these 2 things being direct opposites what is the truth?

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So i started this wordpress blog site initially to evaluate the usefulness of wordpress sites as a business tool, with the possibility of starting a small business myself providing support and advice to people on matters of IT and computers.  I begin to look at this site as a way to add some extra information about me and link my resume to this blog and the accompanying about me page, and then when i was discussing a position with a consultant from a Brisbane IT recruitment firm they suggested a linkedin Account which i had been previously trying to avoid feeling this was just another social network like facebook.  I have however created a linkedin account now have basically uploaded my resume information to linkedin, I hope this helps me find a job soon 🙂

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