Rockhampton and Capricorn Job Market

Being unemployed is no fun at all, I hear 2 different things from different people:

  1. There are thousands of Jobs in Rockhampton
  2. Jobs are hard to come by in Rockhampton

So with these 2 things being direct opposites what is the truth?

From my personal experience I have have found jobs hard to find  in Rockhampton. This may seem strange to some, however my background of having worked in the IT field for 10 years, when i apply for a job that is not an IT job I get no response at all from the employer.  I believe I would be capable of performing a lot of jobs ranging from retail work, storeman, delivery driver and many others.  That said when I look at the local Job market,  there are many of these jobs, but very few IT jobs in Rockhampton. When you see businesses like Lenards and Angus and Robertson closing down, add too the Hasting lay offs and meat works lay offs, personally i don’t see a job in Rockhampton for me in the near future.

What about Starting my own Computer Business?
That is something i thought of, however when doing the research, there are so many little operators in Rockhampton at the moment, some aren’t even registered businesses that it would be near hopeless in this environment.

What about approaching the local Computer Shops?
Nice Idea, I have done that a few times over the past couple of years, the result was i had a lovely chat with the managers of these places however they did not have a job for me.

My Current Thoughts are to save as much money as I can over the next few weeks, then find accommodation in Brisbane and go bugging the recruitment agencies and IT firms down there. I have found that whenever i apply for a Brisbane based IT position I actually do get a call back even though the common response is that they would not be able to interview me as they do not want to do phone or skype interviews and I would have trouble getting down to Brisbane on short notice.

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