Jobactive Provider fails in their obligations and then suspends job seeker’s centrelink payment

I rarely if every post to social media or blog sites, but this follow i think needs to be said

At 4:56 pm I received the following text from my jobactive provider:

Hi {Name removed}. Pls call us ASAP on {Phone number removed} as you have missed an appt and your centrelink payment has been suspended under the law. {your jobactive Provider}

obviously any identifying words have been removed from the message. now i had been sitting by my phone for 4 hours waiting for the phone call as the appointment was a phone appointment with the consultant calling me.  so I rang my provider and asked what was going on.

the first person I talked to on the phone said that my consultant no longer worked for them and someone else would make a new appointment for me, then i asked her about the text message.  She went and asked someone else about it, then he came on the phone and said I would have to go over before my next reporting date which was the 9th. (today is . Friday the 6th so only the next business day I have to report).  I mentioned this to him and that there was no missed calls or messages left.  he then went and spoke to someone else, then the office manager came on told me he had fixed it for me. I asked the office manager how it occurred that they had made an attempted phone contact with me when I had no missed calls or left messages.  The office manager told me that he checked the notes on my files that said there had been an attempted phone contact at 1:00pm and then checked the phone logs and no call was found in the phone logs.

Whilst I Appreciate the quick fix up by the jobactive provider this really should not have happened in the first place, furthermore this IS NOT the first time that this job provider has a been suppose to call me for a scheduled contact and has not called, this is just the first time I have managed to get an admission from the provider that they have done wrong.  I will be waiting now till Monday to see if I have any problems reporting to centrelink.

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