Work for the Dole – Driving Activities not approved activities

again another post on my blog to make sure details are remembered accurately, unfortunately not a happy one either.

Thursday 14th July – Had been receiving a message when i logged into Jobsearch (  since 30/06 regarding a requirement to attend Work For the Dole activiy as of 29/07/2016, please contact you provider, Having had no contact from my provider I went into the office and asked about it, Spoke To Jane (Not real name) and she told me to wait on them, they would send me a letter about it soon.  Then I asked about the length of time since i had any contact with them (As per previous blog post), Jane’s reply was ” Yes. I Saw that, Have you been hiding?”

Thursday 4 August 2016 – Attended Jobactive provider for scheduled appointment for sign up of Work for the Dole phase of Newstart, I Informed the Work For the Dole coordinator (James, Not real name) that i was already doing volunteer work at PCYC.  James told me to go and see Jane or Jill (again not real names) and let them know and they would update my job plan and arrange the OHS assessment. Spoke to Jill and she gave me a form to take to PCYC for them to fill out and then said.Driving activities would NOT be approved.This meant my PCYC volunteer work would not be approved as I volunteer as a driver mentor  I then had to sign up for Work for the Dole at one of there pre-approved activies (all of which sounded to be outdoors yard work). I choose to sign up to one of these actrivities,

Tuesday 10 August 2016 – First day at Work for the Dole activity – When i arrived at site from the provided bus, I received a phone call from a company wanting me to do paid work that afternoon, so i left site immediately and returned home to prepare and then performed that work as required.

Friday 12 August 2016 – My Actual first day at Work for the Dole activity, my first task this day required me and the rest of the group to hope into vehicles and go to another site to pick up 276 chairs to taken back to the site i signed up for.  Then at lunch speaking with the site Work for the Dole supervisor, the supervisor could not believe that they would not approve the PCYC as a Work for the Dole activity.  And after lunch the activity was racking up leaves, putting them in the tray of a ute and driving them to a rubbish pile.

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