Local Rockhampton Company Shows bad Manners in Recruitment

There is a local Rockhampton Computer Repair Business that has had a position advertised for a month, 1 Jobseeker has actually contacted the company twice themselves (Once in person in there shop, one via email application letter and resume) and a third time through a recruitment company.  It has been aboiut 3 weeks since this jobseeker took the time to attend the business’ premise to discuss and as yet no reply from the employer.  Previously the Job seeker has spoken the employer about a previous position which he was unsuccessful in his application.  No bad words had been spoken between the business and job seeker and yet the jobseeker has not even received an email to state he has been unsuccessful.  Whilst this company may have received many applications for this position, knowing how motivated this job seeker was to get a job, couldn’t the business have taken 30 seconds out of there day to give teh job seeker a phone call, or at least write an email to the job seeker.


Given this lack of courtesy from this business for a job seeker, this makes you wonder how they have such good reviews from customer.  I can no longer recommend this business to people!


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