Graham’s interest in computers started when he was 6 years old, when he was exposed to gaming on the Commodore 64(C64). A couple years later Graham was introduced to programming and he started learning commodore basic (the programming language used on the C64), he enjoyed taking code that was published in computer magazines and other sources and modifying it to learn what the code did. Over the remainder of his school life Graham continued to enjoy gaming and computing, working odd jobs to purchase himself his favoured gaming console the Sega Master System, then Sega Mega Drive (Known as Genesis in other parts of the world), all the time learning the technical specs of gaming and computing systems as they became available to him.

Graham’s first IBM Compatible computer was an Optima 486 SX 33 PC with 4Mb RAM and a 214 Mb HDD running MS Dos 6.21 and windows 3.11 for workgroups and was purchased for him by his parents when he was in grade 10.  Graham continued to learn programming as well as some computer hardware basics, by the time he had graduated High school he had already had exposure to Programming in turbo Pascal and Visual Basic and had made some hardware upgrades to his own PC. During Grade 12 other students would ask for Grahams assistance with some programming tasks.  Graham started his first casual job in the last half of 1995, working at Pizza Hut as a Kitchen Hand.

In 1997 Graham Started studying his Diploma of IT at CQ TAFE, all the time keeping his eye on wanting to go to University and studying a Bachelor of IT.  In 1998 He enrolled in CQU’s tertiary preparation program STEPS and enrolled in CQUs Bachelor of Information Technology the following year.

Between 1997 and 2004 Graham had many casual jobs including Kitchen Hand / Delivery Driver at Pizza Hut, Assistant Manager at Eagle Boys Pizza and sales assistant at a small local Computer sales / repair company.

In November 2004 Graham moved to Longreach to take up his first full time job as a computer technician with the local leading edge computers store. During 2005 Graham obtained his CompTIA A+ Certification, which were considered to be an industry standard qualification at the time. In Late 2005 Graham returned to the coast, first working in Gladstone and then being posted to Rockhampton.  January 2007 saw Graham take up a position as IT Support Officer supporting CQ TAFE.  2007 saw a fairly major change in the IT support structure for CQ TAFE where the moved from an internal IT helpdesk to an external provider doing helpdesk services for all of TAFE QLD, at the time this change took place Graham continued to support CQ TAFE as a Field Engineer with the External company, Unisys.

In September 2010 Graham took on a new challenge, working as a field support role supporting Rio Tinto’s Yarwun Alumina Refinery and Aluminium Smelter at Boyne Island. Being unable to find affordable housing in Gladstone region, travelling nearly 2 hours each way for work each day took its toll and Graham took a job for a retail computer support company in January 2011.  May 2011 Saw Graham take a position with a large local construction group which resulted in a pay raise.  Leaving this position in September 2012 Graham worked another significant pay raise by taking up a position as a systems consultant with a Business support firm. A Downturn in work in April 2013 saw Graham retrenched.  Since April 2013 Graham has participated in numerous PC Rollout projects and other ad hoc IT jobs for JAV IT, Ashdown Consulting and ACT Logistics.