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Local Rockhampton Company Shows bad Manners in Recruitment

There is a local Rockhampton Computer Repair Business that has had a position advertised for a month, 1 Jobseeker has actually contacted the company twice themselves (Once in person in there shop, one via email application letter and resume) and

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Work for the Dole – Driving Activities not approved activities

again another┬ápost on my blog to make sure details are remembered accurately, unfortunately not a happy one either. Thursday 14th July – Had been receiving a message when i logged into Jobsearch ( ┬ásince 30/06 regarding a requirement to attend

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Jobactive Provider fails in their obligations and then suspends job seeker’s centrelink payment

I rarely if every post to social media or blog sites, but this follow i think needs to be said At 4:56 pm I received the following text from my jobactive provider: Hi {Name removed}. Pls call us ASAP on

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Rockhampton and Capricorn Job Market

Being unemployed is no fun at all, I hear 2 different things from different people: There are thousands of Jobs in Rockhampton Jobs are hard to come by in Rockhampton So with these 2 things being direct opposites what is

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So i started this wordpress blog site initially to evaluate the usefulness of wordpress sites as a business tool, with the possibility of starting a small business myself providing support and advice to people on matters of IT and computers.

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